Narley Bike Racks

4 Berth Rack

  • Will easily carry four bikes of any given size/shape.
  • Neoprene foam padding on arms.
  • 12mm cap bolts with locking half nuts.
  • 10mm High Tensile Clipped pins,to hold arms up.
  • Anti Swivel Plate to fit standard 75mm towbar.
  • Retainer fits both 1"7/8 and 2" towballs.
  • Load rating 87 kilos.


5 Berth Rack

  • Picture is of a 4 berth.5 berth longer arms.
  • Top frame detaches from main stand.(non folding)
  • Height 800mm approx .
  • Width of arms are 410mm centers.
  • Arms foam cushioned.
  • Attaches to towball with 12mm capsrews.Allen key supplied.
  • Antiswivel plate to match a 75mm Towbar.Fits both big and small Towballs.1'7/8 and 2'
  • Support Strap for extra $20 on buy now.

This is a large bike rack. When loaded,it is alot of extra weight on your towbar. Support strap helps to stop your towbar flexing over bumpy roads. Peace of mind that your load is secure.(bikes must be secured properly)


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